Results for No Seriously, What the Heck is Going on with Spring Training? 40 Box Baseball Mixer - RANDOM TEAMS

PHILIP T Chicago Cubs
JONATHAN P Detroit Tigers
JAMES D San Diego Padres
ALEX P Seattle Mariners
DAWN B Miami Marlins
RICHARD I Texas Rangers
MAX K St. Louis Cardinals
JASON L Minnesota Twins
JEFFREY H Atlanta Braves
RICH S Pittsburgh Pirates
JIMMY R New York Yankees
RAY A Los Angeles Dodgers
JOHN K Oakland Athletics
BRIAN R Houston Astros
SEAN F Tampa Bay Rays
JIMMY R Baltimore Orioles
AMMO D Cleveland Indians
NOAH D San Francisco Giants
GLENN W Cincinnati Reds
JIM D Los Angeles Angels
JACOB C Washington Nationals
JOSEPH D New York Mets
CHRIS G Boston Red Sox
PHIL K Toronto Blue Jays
BRYAN H Chicago White Sox
CHRIS G Philadelphia Phillies