RESULTS FOR Matt's MLB Breaks - 2022 Panini Three and Two 1st Off the Line, Immaculate Hobby & Prizm Hobby 3 Box MLB Mixer #6 - RANDOM TEAMS

SINVICTA Colorado Rockies
PETER M New York Mets
JASON Z Texas Rangers
ALEX L Los Angeles Angels
PETER M Detroit Tigers
ROBERT F Cincinnati Reds
ROBERT F Los Angeles Dodgers
KYLE L Chicago White Sox
H CHI Pittsburgh Pirates
SINVICTA Cleveland Guardians
WILLIAM S San Diego Padres
KARL P Miami Marlins
BARRY S Philadelphia Phillies
A GILLESPIE Kansas City Royals
H CHI Houston Astros
FERGUS M Tampa Bay Rays
JUSTIN K Toronto Blue Jays
PETER M Seattle Mariners
MITCHELL P Baltimore Orioles
PETER M New York Yankees
MITCHELL P Chicago Cubs
BRANDON S St. Louis Cardinals
FERGUS M Atlanta Braves
FERHAN A San Francisco Giants
IARLA F Arizona Diamondbacks
PETER M Boston Red Sox